herbs & spices products

list of our herbs & spices products

Marjoram Green/green (80/90 Gr./ltr)
Marjoram Green/green (90/100 Gr./ltr)
Marjoram Green/gray (90/100 Gr./ltr)
Marjoram Green/gray (100/110 Gr./ltr)
Marjoram Gray/gray (100/110 Gr./ltr)
Marjoram Gray/gray (110/120 Gr./ltr)
Marjoram Fine Cut
Marjoram Fine Powder
Basil 1mm (130 Gr./ltr)
Basil 30 Mesh (130/140 Gr./ltr)
Basil 40 Mesh (140/150 Gr./ltr)
Basil Faq 50 Mesh (150/160 Gr./ltr)
Basil Fine Cut
Basil Fine Powder
Spearmint Whole Leaves
Spearmint Crushed Leaves
Spearmint Tbc
Spearmint Sift
Peppermint Whole Leaves
Peppermint Crushed Leaves
Peppermint Tbc
Peppermint Sift
Parsley flat 2/4 Mm
Parsley 30 Mesh
Parsley Fine Cut
Parsley Powder Grade A
Parsley Powder Grade B
Parsley curly leaves
Parsley curly powder
Dill Tips
Lemon Grass Cut Size 1-2 Cm
Lemon Grass Cut Size 2-5 Cm
Lemon Grass Tbc
Sage leaves
Sage powder
Thyme crushed
Thyme powder
Oregano crushed
Oregano powder
Moringa crushed
Moringa powder
Henna Crushed Levaes
Henna Pure Powder (A)
Hibiscus Flowers
Hibiscus Tbc
Hibiscus Crushed
Hibiscus Fine Powder
Chamomile Flowers First Quality
Chamomile Flowers Second Quality
Chamomile Flowers Industrial Quality
Chamomile Tbc
Chamomile Pollen (Mixed With Seeds)
Chamomile Pure Pollen
Calendula Flowers
Calendula Petals
Verbascum Flowers

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