About our farms

our products are grown in Egyptian farms located in a pollution free area under our control and this gives us the stance to apply high quality cultivation programs. Fresh goods are dried naturally in our drying locations preserving their entities. The dried raw materials then go through the assigned processing procedures in the production location according to our clients' quality specifications. Goods are then prepared in our warehouse for dispatching.

Our Organic projects under our agricultural program are located in 4 different regions in Egypt . we are growing the following products under this program ( Chamomile , Calendula , Basil , Marjoram , Spearmint , Peppermint ,Parsley ,Dill , Cilantro, Fennel seeds )

According to our production plan, our agricultural engineers provide necessary amount of seeds and agricultural suppliers to the farmers.

Based on our projection, organic seeds organic soil amendments and agricultural suppliers suitable for organic cultivation are supplied to the farmers by our full time agricultural engineers, periodically our agricultural engineers visit the projects and provide technical consultancy in every aspect.

Every step from farm to warehouse are carried out under the supervision and control of our agricultural engineers.

Some of our Products